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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Joe Silverio

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Bernie Weinrich


The focus of this thesis is the study of participative management, in particular the use of quality circles in the corporate sector. After thoroughly researching the information available on quality circles t here will be developed a manual to be utilized to provide information to the managers and potential circle members of a company preparing to implement quality circles.

Research has shown that over fifty percent of the quality circle programs implemented in the United States failed. One of the major causes of this failure rate is the lack of information provided to the employees concerning quality circles.

After a complete investigation of the information available concerning participative management and quality circles a manual was developed. This manual would be utilized during the introduction of a quality circle program in a small business.

Once the manual was developed a group of four business people were selected to review the manual. To assist in this review a questionnaire was developed. After the questionnaire was answered, the information was tabulated and any additional information needed from the group was achieved through follow up phone calls with the people in the group.

Results of the evaluation by the group provide additional suggestions concerning the manual. These suggestions were incorporated into the manual.

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