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When the Rockwood School District implemented site-based management in 19 90, the change dramatically altered the district's overall communications program.

The responsibilities and funds to pay for requested services were given to each of Rockwood' s schools and departments. As a projects, which result, monies were formerly for communications budgeted to the communications department, were shifted to the individual school accounts. Site-based management had seemingly l eft the communications department with a reduced budget and the challenge of recovering the schools' money and maintaining their business.

What has evolved is a more effective program that also attempts to generate revenue for itself and the school district. The goals of this approach are to foster schools that are more accountable for their communication needs, a public relations program that is more answerable to its consumers, and greater opportunities for improved relations with clients in the community. RSD Communications became the department's new name and its services were marketed to both internal and external customers.

Advertisements were placed in local publications, a competitive price structure was promoted and "word of mouth" recommendations soon led to inquiries by outside organizations. Site-based management allowed RSD Communications to function as Rockwood's own in-house PR agency but also created the flexibility to provide services for clients in the community.

To facilitate and communicate the financial procedures created by the department's restructuring, a computerized accounting system was implemented to meet the unique needs of the new in-house agency approach.

The success of RSD Communications' self-supporting venture is evidenced by the schools' incentive to be better consumers as they search for the most cost-effective means of meeting their communication needs. RSD Communications staff members are able to prove their importance and contribution to the communication process through careful record keeping and detailed account statements.

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