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Telecommunications in today's global society has undergone a dramatic transformation since the invention of the telephone. In the early years of telephony, a host of dedicated men and women endured tremendous hardships to pioneer the telephone. Bell, his wife Mabel, his two benefactors along with Thomas Watson and Theodore Vail fought to gain recognition of the instrument and establish its usefulness to society. Many great inventions came from by the Bell Laboratories, which forever sought a better way, encouraging the progress of civilization. Despite major setbacks caused by the government and regulation, the Bell system evolved into a very capable and customer-oriented entity. Even divestiture and the break up of the "natural monopoly" has served to open the doors of opportunity. New markets and services were created in an effort to meet the challenge of regulation and competition. The scope of possibilities afforded by the "Information Age" transcends the imagination. Today, data, voice and video transmissions coupled with increasingly popular computer networks, are eliminating cultural differences in a world of rapid change.

Technological advancements occur continually, making the future of telephony and telecommunications difficult to project.

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