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Master of Fine Arts in Writing

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Michael Castro

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Beth Mead


Few questions stir as much curiosity and controversy as the question of how and why did man evolve. This culminating project strives to explore that issue creatively. Using a combination of religious overtones, myths and legends, and imagination, this project strives to be an original creation myth- a piece of fiction that answers how civilization, as we know it today, began. The story bas not been written to replace commonly accepted religious beliefs. Rather, it has been written to complement them, to question them, and to explore the very beginnings of religion itself.

The introduction to this project focuses on how the idea for this story was conceived, as well as the many challenges that went into the creation of this novel. Much thought was given to the names of characters and places within the novel. No name lacks significance, offering the reader additional layers of meaning. For the reader's convenience, a glossary of terms has been included. ln addition, a resource list, including all etymological sources, has been provided.

The story itself will introduce you to a foreign world, yet perhaps one that is also all too familiar. These people (called creatures in this work) live fairly solitary lives. They live amongst others, and they share the work that must be done to survive. However, there is little, if any, value placed on relationships or connections between creatures. They exist in a civilization of the past, but the story retains a timeless quality, reminding the reader that the line between past and present often blurs. Although they exist without any modern conveniences, the creatures of the day do place a high value on work, and they strive to learn about- and sometimes shape-the lands around them. Some of the creatures possess true wisdom. Others, however, yearn for power, for fulfillment, for ultimate understanding. And in the course of this story, another yearning begins to awaken; the characters begin to realize the beauty of, and the need for, emotional bonds with others.

From the very start, this project was designed to explore the beginnings of life as we know it. But along the way, it became an exploration of life in general. In short, this project encourages one to look at life in new ways, and to continually be amazed by what it means to be human.

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