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This project was produced in an attempt to discover the most effective way to censor the Internet. The project examines the Communications Decency Act, in order to determine if the bill is an effective way to keep harmful material off the Internet and out of the reach of children, or to decide if the Act is detrimental to society infringing on Americans ' right o f free speech. This project will discuss the varying opinions of individuals who want to protect the rights given to citizens by the First Amendment, and others who desire to protect the nation ' s children from potentially damaging material and predators made available by the Internet' s global access.

Censorship of the Internet has become a noticeable concern of many people in the United States and around the world. As of yet, there has not been a strict set of guidelines drawn out to determine what can and cannot be cited on the Internet. The number of children becoming fascinated with Cyber-Space is on a steady increase. This fact is urging many of the world' s governments to discover a way to protect children while still all owing adults the freedom to choose their viewing material . As for now, the answer to this problem in many homes is Internet Filtering Software . This project will discuss various Filtering programs and decide if this is the best way to Censor the Internet .

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