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Master of Business Administration



First Advisor

Daniel W. Kemper

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Gareth Gardiner

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Ben Keuhnle


This thesis will explain the vulnerabilities of computers in a networking environment and demonstrate proper procedures for building a secure Intranet.

The Internet is built around the concept of open communication. Data is shared around the globe just as easily as it is from one office or cubical to the next. Corporations are skeptical about putting company data on such a public transport mechanism as the Internet, but the tools used on the Internet are exciting and everyone wants to use them. Out of a desire for the best of both worlds, the Intranet was born.

An intranet that has no connection to the Internet can safely make a significant amount of company data available to employees, but when hosts are connected to the Internet, things change. Each application on the Internet comes with a threat to a company's data.

More office managers would probably install and use an Intranet if they understood them better and trusted them more. The purpose of his paper is to educate the non-technical manager in the subject of Internet applications and security mechanisms so that he or she can make an informed decision about installing an Intranet.

There is so much software available for building and securing a Web site that many feel overwhelmed at the prospect of getting started. The goal will be to define the terms and acronyms used in this technology, and to evaluate the services and software available for building a secure Intranet.

Securing a Web site requires some knowledge of TCP/IP, routers, firewalls and data encryption. These subjects will be covered at an introductory level with the goal of enabling the reader to understand the issues involved.

The work will terminate in a project that builds an Intranet that shares data with a selective audience while securing it from others. The hardware and software configuration will be documented as a sample that can be duplicated in any office environment. The Web site will be built using some HTML coding to demonstrate the complexity of the language and some high-level software that demonstrates the value of these new tools.

Two security specialists evaluated the project. They agreed that an Intranet built with the specifications in the project would be functional and secure.

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