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Master of Arts

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Marilyn Patterson

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Rebecca Panagos

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Richard Boyle


The purpose of this study was to investigate the benefits of teaching social skills to a group of 14 at-risk kindergarten students that were identified by their classroom teachers as exhibiting social skills deficits. A pre-test and post-test experimental design was devised using the Social Skills Direct Observation by Sheridan (1997). Students participated in a group social skills training program for five weeks. A statistical comparison between the pre and post test data was then performed by means of a nonparametric procedure. Results of the Wilcoxon's Matched Pairs-Signed-Ranks Test were indicative of positive gains in the students' acquisition of social skills and prosocial behavior. However, because of the limitations of the study, such as the small sample size and confounding variables, conservative conclusions were drawn. lt appeared that although support for social skills programs was found in the research literature, far more longitudinal research needs to be conducted to determine if there are long-term_ benefits of social skills training programs.

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