Date of Award

Spring 3-2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Studio Art



First Advisor

Grant Hargate

Second Advisor

Nicole Ottwell

Third Advisor

Jacob Stanley


The thesis exhibition Altared Object seeks to undermine and expose the established religious and patriarchal practices that cause harm to women in contemporary society. In my art, I attempt to expose the latent sexist oppression that exists in society and in the church; how fundamental and foundational it is to our societal norms; and how this oppression is still widely accepted and adhered to, but not necessarily acknowledged today. Through the use of massproduced objects which I have purchased from thrift stores or found online, seemingly innocuous objects will be repurposed through a process of appropriation and reintroduced in a new context. These objects are reclaimed which were once considered detritus, things that were given away or thrown away, and reintroduced to the viewer in a parallel to the way in which misogyny discards women. The original purpose and appearance of each object is not entirely obscured; each item is presented, however, in a new and almost alien fashion, completely out of place from its original intended function and message.