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This handbook is to be used by teachers and parents as an introduction to understanding and helping learning disabled children . The handbook is divided into two sections . Part I is intended for the teacher who has an earnest desire to meet the individual needs of her l earning disabled students through the use of various media and teaching strategies. Part I will first of all familiarize the teacher and parent s with the terminology that is essential for communication involving the LD child , The l earning deficits are categorized under two channel abilities for ease in clarification and organization; visual and auditory . Observations representative of the particular deficit and supportive tests are also included with each l earning disabled category. An easy-to -use chart for recording behaviors in the weekly school schedule should be copied from the handbook used by the teacher who is preparing to refer a student for itinerant help. The recorded observations should prove to be useful in the referral. The referral system has been explained in detail so that the teacher has a step-by-step process to follow . An explanation of the diagnostic tests used by Special School District has been included in the handbook so the teacher and parent can ask for the results and understand them in relation to the referred child's earning disability. Finally, Part I has listed appropriate strategies applicable to the LD child for the classroom teacher to incorporate in her regular classroom setting . Part II i s for parents who have longed for some ideas that might help their children with learning difficulties at home . The teacher may convey these ideas verbally to parents of LD children or, preferably, duplicate this section for the parent to use at home .

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