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Master of Science

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Arlene Taich

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Jack Kirk


This paper will discuss the development, design and formulation of personnel policies and procedures for St. Charles County in 1984. At the time the process of development started, the county was without an approved personnel policies and procedures system and was concerned about a possible federal audit that could result in their losing federal funds because of the lack of formal policies.

In order to develop a system that would be used by the various county offices, input was sought from elected and appointed officials as well as other levels of county employees. The success and failure of this method is discussed, along with how it provided a basis for developing policies accepted by the majority of the people who were involved in the process.

The policies and procedures that were approved by the county court are included in the paper. Statistical analysis of the county and surrounding areas is also included to illustrate the constituent makeup of the county and how the local government responds to what it perceives are the desires of its constituents.

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