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Dean Eckert

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John Wehmer

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John Pohlman


A mature artistic style ln ceramics has the capability of reflecting the potter ✓ s ideas, feelings, and philosophy. Many influences may effect the formation of this style. As the artist reacts to various influences a new level of development or maturity may begin. The work displayed in my Graduate Exhibition at Lindenwood College represents six phases of development. Skill in creating wheel-thrown pottery was developed in the first phase by doing production pottery work. The technique of faceting was introduced in the second phase as a result of the influence of Rosalyn Tynge. A more sophisticated appearance was achieved through the use of applied design and airbrush technique in the third phase . Marla Martinez and work produced by Japanese artists influenced surface design ln the fourth and fifth phases. Individual style emerged ln the final phase by altering the clay body. An analysis of each phase ln the evolution of my artistic style ls presented in the following thesis.

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