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Telecommuting is a form of working from a remote location that relies on telecommunications. Technological progress has resulted in an increasing number of personnel who are now able to telecommute from home. The rising numbers of telecommuters has resulted in an increase of published studies on this topic. This project relies on these and on interviews with several people actively involved in the field.

A telecenter is a type of telecommuting which offers companies the opportunity to lease workspace for their employees. The Midwest region is not familiar with telecenters which are more prominent in the state of California. The first telecenter of its kind will be opened by the City of St. Peters, Missouri, by the Fall of 1996. This study explores this new field of telecommuting, and focuses on the St Peters center, developing a marketing strategy based on current knowledge about the field.

Since telecommuting is such a new concept, an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages must be explored. The tremendous advantage of telecommuting is the opportunities it offers the telecommuter. People who telecommute have a potentiality better quality of life. Company's benefit because happy employees productivity level increases by 20%.

The biggest disadvantage in telecommuting is the cultural mind set which believes that if you can not see the worker, then they must not be working. Because telecommuting is such a new concept, many managers are uncomfortable with the idea. But this is a concern which can be addressed and solved. Telecommuting is new and will be a long range benefit for both the employers as well as the employees.

The availability of case studies from previous telecenters enables one to establish the important elements required for a successful telecenter. The most vital element for a telecenter to be successful is the implementation of a strong marketing plan. It is difficult to market a telecenter because most companies do not see an immediate benefit. Therefore, to be successful, their perspective and commitment need to be long range. Overall, telecommuting will benefit companies in acquiring or retaining premium employees.

Although telecommuting can not as yet be directly associated with solving social problems, it can provide the means for people to acquire more personal time. With this supplementary accessibility of time, many telecommuters will be able to attend to their children's needs and become more involved within their own communities. With the current economical need of two incomes, parents lack the time for active participation in their children's lives. Many parents want an option to assist them in obtaining more time at borne with their families, and telecommuting is one option.

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