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Master of Science of Mass Communication



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Michael Castro

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Edie Barnard

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Myron Kozman


Advertising has grown and developed new ideas throughout the years. Since its beginning . advertising has experienced many changes trying to exert influence on potential consumers and to remain in their minds in a positive way.

This culminating project is about the influence of the visual elements used in advertising on consumer perception . Advertising ' s purpose is to sell . A good ad should cause a good impression in the consumer and lead him or her to purchase the product or service advertised .

The main idea that will be developed and demonstrated in this culminating project is that visual advertising is more effective in persuading a viewer than non-visual commercials. To accomplish this objective the influence of diverse kind of visual advertising, such as TV, billboards, magazines, newspapers and it's effects on the viewer will be discussed .

The skillful application of visual elements such as colors and lines, are consider an important factor to reach in to the viewer's emotions and gain his or her attention . Every color has a special effect on the viewer and impacts the way the viewer perceive the commercial . The way these colors are well combined with shapes and images play an important role in attracting the consumer to the product or service offered.

Visuals in advertising have become a significant element in every message . People have become more dependent on the visuals for sending and receiving information. It has been demonstrated that visual images are often remembered with more ease than words. Furthermore, the motion of moving pictures immediately captures the attention of the viewer and allows an image to remain longer in memory than sound.

Vividness is the most relevant feature of visual media . It attracts attention, maintains interest, and stimulates consumer's thinking by showing the product with its real shape and color . Advertisers should consider vividness when creating any commercial. There is no better way to advertise than by visual means.

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