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Renee Durly Petty

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Dorothy Lavington


The present study compared the motivation of female students who enrolled in a federally funded vocational training program voluntarily with those who enrolled involuntarily. The federal government has mandated that females receiving public aid must complete a trade and obtain full-time employment. The study was conducted from January 1, 1994 through March 31, 1994. Motivation was evaluated by vocational completion, average length of stay (ALOS) , and GED completion. The students have to complete all the required assignments and pass a competency test in the vocational area to be considered a vocational completer. In addition, they were required to complete six ( 6) weeks of work experience to obtain on the job training. Average length of stay (ALOS) measures the number of days that a student was in an active (pay) status at termination The students' profiles were evaluated at termination to assess their individual success in the program. The present study indicated that students who enroll voluntarily were as successful in completing their goals as students who were coerced to enroll by outside influences, i.e., welfare reform (Futures), parental pressures, or probation.

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