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Master of Arts in Art History and Visual Culture



First Advisor

Kelly Scheffer

Second Advisor

James Hutson

Third Advisor

Piper Hutson


The elements and principles of design are the building blocks that art students use to create a composition. These foundational tools have been used by art students throughout their elementary and secondary school years, as required by state and national art standards. This project is an example of how to enrich high school introductory art classes by implementing lessons that include visual culture education. A combination of successful art museum teen programs and existing visual culture curriculum were used to aid in the development of a semester’s worth of lessons that emphasize visual culture. Visual culture curricula produces more student engagement and participation in discussion when students were introduced to topics that they find more relevant and familiar. The lessons included in this report emphasize culture, history, personal reflection, and trends that can be implemented into an introductory high school art course and are adaptable to all levels of learning.