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Master Art in Digital Marketing


Game Design

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Andrew Allen Smith

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Kristy Tucciarone

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Clayton Smith


Since the mid-2000s, malls and retail brick and mortar stores have been on the decline. Stores not making enough revenue in-person; the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the rise of digitally native brands have contributed to this. This research aims to figure out how the current consumer atmosphere, as well as how the rise of e-commerce and digital marketing, will impact the mall of the future. This research aims to discover how local malls are faring, if stores are truly closing and if national retail brands are pulling out of malls. This research also aims to figure out consumer preferences that could affect the future of malls and predictions on what malls may turn into in coming years. A social media questionnaire was distributed on social media to respondents. Respondents were asked their opinions on shopping preferences and opinions on social media based and digitally native brands to determine if shoppers are leaning towards those brands. The first part of the research results suggest local malls are on a trend to turn into local community-like centers with small businesses or niche specific shops. The second part of research suggests shoppers are nearly split down the middle in shopping preferences; however, a majority of shoppers have purchased something on social media or would be willing to. This leads to the assumption that shoppers will continue to lean towards online shopping and shopping through social media over the next few years.

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