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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Victor Beck

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Joseph Silverio


This thesis focuses on the study of decision style and the effects each styles characteristics has on decision quality.

Each personality style exhibits specific characteristics unique to t hat particular style . These characteristics in conjunction with the decision makers cognitive abilities form a unique problem solving or decision style. Characteristics of each style have been operationalized by the Myers-Biggs Type Indicator.

Decision quality is measured, for purposes of this paper, in terms of the impact the decision maker's style has on the decision outcome . Decision quality is measured separately from decision success since successful decisions require more than good decisions.

This paper evaluates current research in the areas of personality type, decision making styles and their effects on various aspects of the decision process.

Results of this evaluation provide considerable evidence to suggest that the hypothesis be accepted and conclude that decision makers have within their decision style unique biases that affect their decision outcome.

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