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Master of Communications with a Concentration in Digital Media



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Michael Castro

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Peter Carlos


This thesis will focus on the process analysis and critique of the digital media project, "Cultivating Christian Minds and Character," made for Westminster Christian Academy in the summer of 2005. It includes both the actual promotional video production and the written analysis.

Westminster Christian Academy, a non-denominational, private, Christian school in West County, produces a promotional video each year for the parents and for various other marketing needs throughout the school year. For the school year 2005-2006, the theme was cultivating Christian minds and character. Having been both a student and a teacher at this institution, it was an honor and privilege to write, direct, and produce this video.

This project included all the steps in a typical video production. beginning with pre-production. Early meetings, technology lessons, and practice of programs dominated most of this stage, along with planning and brainstorming on how to communicate the theme. Once decisions regarding teacher interviews were made, production began.

A list of teachers was recommended, and interviews were set up, with the main question posed: "How do you, as a teacher at Westminster Christian Academy, cultivate the minds and characters of the students in your classes?" With each interview, an important perspective was communicated that resulted in an educational truth shared by all the teachers. These truths became the "chapters" in the project. During this production stage, b-roll was shot boU1 on campus and in certain sections of St. Louis that would support and enhance each chapter.

Once the interviews and b-roll had been completed, post-production began. The entire project was edited on Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. This phase faced challenges with time and a family crisis but was completed in time to show the parents on the designated date.

This thesis includes a critique of the project, along with an exploration of the creative process, most specifically the intrinsic meaning in every creative piece.

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