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Daniel W. Kemper


The lntrnet today consists of many networks that can transfer data via many routes over a vast network. Change in the telecommunication industry and the attractiveness of the lnternet as a distribution channel have resulted in an expansion of service furnished by content providers. This dynamic growth of services impacts the prices and profits of service providers and the customers' net benefit.

This project will focus on the study of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry. Information was gathered for the purpose of constructing a business plan for G-net.

Research has indicated that an entrepreneur is one who manages, organizes and assumes the risk of a business. The owner of an lSP must be concerned with several factors: industry data, specific company data, financial data and marketing data. G-net's business plan was developed by utilizing information from each of these areas.

Upon completion of the G-net plan, critical questions were developed about the plan and submitted to two members of the Information Technology Industry for an evaluation of the plan's effectiveness and format.

The evaluators, Edwin Carter and Robert J. Henry, collectively concluded that the document is structured properly and would serve as an effective guide for the operation of the enterprise.

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