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The core process that almost all manufacturing organizations are built on is new product development. It is the new product development process that determines how the Technical Operations, i.e., Engineering, Manufacturing, etc., of a particular company will be organized.

In 1993, Michael Hammer and James Champy wrote a revolutionary book entitled 11Reengineering the Corporation." In this book, they tell businesses to forget most of what they know about how business should run -- because it is all wrong.

They say that businesses must learn to reinvent themselves in order to compete in the ever-changing business climate of the 1990s and beyond. Hammer and Champy recommend that companies reinvent themselves by reengineering their most basic processes that dictate how the different departments work together to add value to a product.

With this in mind, this project will first show Diagraph1s tremendous need for a new product development process.

Then, this project will propose a new product development process that will sufficiently meet Diagraph1s needs and solve many, if not all of the Diagraph1s past problems in the area of new product development.

To build the new process we will be using ideas gathered through surveys, interviews and from the published works of the leading writers and thinkers on the subject of new product development today.

A detailed analysis and critique by the author and by an outside evaluator follows the presentation of the new process along with a comprehensive appendix section containing the completed results of all of the surveys and interviews used to create Diagraph Corporation's New Product Development Process.

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