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Master of Health Care Management

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Betty LeMasters

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Carolyn Scott


This thesis will focus on the past, present and future status of health care in the United States. Much of the discussion will be centered around the controversial Health Care Reform Bill that v. as proposed by President Bill Clinton in October,1993.

During the past century, researchers, scientists, chemists, and physicians have all made great strides regarding their knowledge of the human body. Many of their studies have provided valuable information of how people can live longer, healthier, and more productive lives, Additionally, technological advancements have played a large role in medicine. These machines and devices have aided physicians in determining location and causes of ailments so that steps can be taken to correct the situation or pre vent it from getting worse. The problem however is that all of this good news comes with a hefty price. Many people living in the United States are unable to afford the care that is offered within their own country due to a lack of health insurance or because they are underinsured. A catastrophic accident would lite rally send these people into poverty . People have criticized the government tor not taking a stand in this issue and rightly so, but no administration appears eager to take the challenge and address the issues--until now.

This paper will encourage the reader to draw his/her own conclusions as to how this situation can best be rectified. Opinions from legislators and professionals in the industry of what approach would work best and why will be presented throughout this study. For all intense purposes, everything mentioned throughout this paper is assumed to be correct for no system has been implemented to measure success or failure.

The Clinton Health Care Reform Bill will be broken down completely during t his study in order to determine if in fact it is the best solution to this problem . Based on the research which I have completed and will be presenting, it is my opinion that the Clinton Health Car e Plan is not at this time, the best answer for this ongoing problem however, if certain areas of the plan were to be reconstructed, there is hope for success of this plan in the future.

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