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The traditional approaches of spending hours of time addressing each student's problems is no longer feasible today due to the large caseloads of students school counselors and teachers often face. Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is an approach which may be used for typical student concerns to achieve rapid observable change. School administrators and leachers will also benefit since each component of the approach may be used independently in a variety of situations. This thesis describes an outcome study of solution-oriented strategy in working with middle school students identified by teachers as having behavioral difficulties in the classroom. Subjects involved were a sample of twenty-eight middle-school classroom teachers. Fifteen or more teachers made-up the 'experimental group' with specific interventions initiated. In a workshop-type format, the teachers received instructions on how to utilize seven basic approaches in solution-focused therapy which they immediately incorporated in their interventions with a student they identified they would like to work with. The evaluation of the BSFT workshop is shown in Appendix D. The remaining half of the teachers were the control group without any given intervention. The independent variable relevant to this study is a solution-focused approach to behavior problems. The dependent variable is the change in student behavior as measured by teacher rating on the Conner Behavior Scale-Revised. This was carried out by administering a pretest measuring student behavior prior to the intervention and a posttest measuring the same variable following it.

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