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The following collection of personal memoirs takes place over a timeframe of fifteen years. Each essay is a narrative account of actual life events. Some stories are the typical coming of age accounts, but end with a twist. Al the conclusion of each essay, there is a short summary of how each experience influenced my personal growth. All essays share the common theme of ''self-discovery."

In order to show how these experiences contributed to this theme, the pieces have been arranged chronologically. This way, as you read you can see bow each event affects the next. For example, the story "The Bridal Salon" is about the excitement of getting married and planning a wedding, while at the same time shows the changing relationship between a mother and daughter. The next story, "Long Distance Relationships" displays how marriage can affect a changing friendship, and how the change is not always good but necessary.

By the end of this collection the main character in these stories will have come full circle. In the next series of stories, the lead character will embark on the same journey we all take in our lives, just with a different twist. These stories show how each life-changing event creates who we are in the moment and who we are meant to be.

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