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Master of Science in Mass Communication



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Michael Castro

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Edie Barnard

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Jo Ann Haedike


In recent times video productions have been used as an effective sales tool. Moving pictures, like those that video provides. are an effective way to communicate in a quickly growing business market. With a video a company is able to reach and approach clients more effectively, because they can present information which is attractive to people.

We have seen over the last decade that the use of technology has invaded every market, including the education market. It is common to see how the business community within the education center has been quick to embrace video for many different purposes-one of which is to enroll more students.

Virtually every university or college in The United States has developed a video in which they try to reflect all the advantages and benefits new students can find once they are enrolled in the institution.

This thesis will focus in the idea to create a promotional video regarding Lindenwood University. We will present the reasons why we believe Lindenwood University should have a well-structured video. Moreover. we will intend discuss quotes that have some similarity or discrepancy with our research in order to give authenticity and credibility to our Culminating Project.

The ideas included in the video were previously analyzed taking m consideration bow the current promotional video presents the university's image. We included in our video some important elements that were ignored in the current video such as, interviews with students and deans of the school.

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