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Karen Johnson


This thesis will focus on the study of volunteerism within a not-for-profit organization. Meeting the growing demand for volunteers and controlling then high turnover could determine how smoothly a nonprofit organization runs.

In the past the need for volunteers and nonprofit organizations was not as great as it is today. There are at least two reasons for this upward trend. The first reason is more women are working outside the home leaving less leisure time for volunteering. The second reason is the government is playing a smaller role thus causing the public to seek help elsewhere.

Research has attributed the lack of training, time, boredom. burnout and shortage of volunteers as the leading causes for the high turnover rate among volunteers in nonprofit organizations. Because of these conditions, it is necessary to focus on management as the source of the problem.

Further research attributed that management within a nonprofit organization often lacks adequate training, educational material or the drive required to work with volunteers.

The purpose of the present study is to get four view points on a manual designed specifically for management within a nonprofit organization. The evaluators came from various work and educational backgrounds. They were given a cover letter with survey consisting of six questions and a copy of the manual The survey was sent via first class mail in an uncontrolled setting. They were asked to answer the questions to the best of their ability and to return the survey within a limited time.

Results from the survey concluded that overall, the manual could be a useful tool in managing volunteers. However, on certain topics, more detailed information was needed.

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