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Managed care companies are advocating changes in the health care market and demanding changes in the delivery of health care services to the elderly. The managed care companies are focusing on wellness and prevention of illness for senior adults. Seniors are focusing on wellness and prevention by changing lifestyles as they gain knowledge about health care.

The managed care industry and elderly population are viewing health care as a basic right not a luxury. The collaboration of the elderly and managed care companies can yield results in improved health care access and delivery.

Because seniors have criticized health care organizations as providers of inadequate care, managed care companies are reviewing previous practices and failures in an attempt to deliver quality services at an affordable price. This paper will provide an overview of Medicare, Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, and Managed Care.

The purpose of the thesis is to explore the knowledge and attitudes of seniors toward managed care and the current system of health care. Attitudes and concerns about health care are evident in the survey results. The benefits of using a managed care plan will surpass the current health care payment system. Elderly adults have more benefit options at a lower cost with managed care companies.

Managed care has the right philosophy about health care, but they must be willing to listen to elderly consumers, physicians, and providers. They must also evaluate previous health care program's failures and successes. AU of these components will be necessary to ensure quality and accessible health care for seniors.

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