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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Lisa Boling

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Jan Kniffen


This thesis will focus on the study of motivation tactics used by American companies in reaching their two most important goals - goals which are one, to grow and expand by increasing profits and two, to stay in business.

Organizations are finding that they cannot survive and prosper merely by laying off employees and restructuring . Events are unraveling at a dramatic pace, and businesses are no longer able to compete globally.

Companies must begin to think long term if they are to meet their goals. Downsizing and restructuring are resulting in poor employee morale, and reduction of quality in products and services. Competitive businesses realize that their customers are searching for the highest quality products at the best price. Similarly, the best employees will seek a work environment that offers security . Organizations must discard management methods and approaches that do not fit with rapid change and adapt practices that help make the organization and its employees winners .

This study will (1), investigate the theories and methods that have been used successfully and (2) provide a manual to assist mangers to utilize the companies human resources, while establishing adequate controls to organizations so that management can be confident that the motivators being used to inspire innovation and creativity are not exposing the business to excessive risks or inviting behavior that could damage the organizations integrity.

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