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Master of Arts

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Pamela Nickels

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Roger Deppe

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Marilyn Patterson


This study investigates the relationship between birth order and other factors with psychological personality traits. Students from seven public and private elementary schools, in a mid-western state, participated in this study. Those included in this study had to meet the following requirements: students could come from families that had up to four consecutive children, none of which were more than three years apart in sibling age. There were sixty-five elementary students who participated. Participants completed a blind questionnaire and were then given the children's version of the MBTI called the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children. The questionnaire revealed their birth order and the ages of their siblings. The family socioeconomic status was also requested when permission to test was obtained by parents. The type indicator for children revealed results which indicate that there are similarities between the birth order in children and their personality type.

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