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Master of Human Resources



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Gareth Gardiner

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Arlene Taich

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David N. Sanders


This thesis will focus on the study of corporate universities and the development of a business plan for the implementation of Bi-State University.

Research presented will cause the reader \O consider alternatives 10 accomplish strategic organizational training and development objectives. The reader should keep in mind their organizational culture and the developmental needs of their organization's human resources.

The purpose of this commentary is to identify the various options available beyond traditional training methods to develop a corporate university for Bi-State Development Agency. The best way to research approaches to human development is to ask the subject matter experts. Several approaches were used in this research including phone interviews, interviews with practitioners in HR publications, teleconference interviews, journal articles from training/HR national publications, published works of professional trainers and books from the American Society of Training and Development Best Practices Series.

The business plan will act as a proposal for a partnership with a local university to offer an on-sight Bachelors program at Bi-State. The degree program will be a study in Management with a major in Transportation. Over twenty Bi-State employees have a Masters or Ph. D. that qualifies their participation as instructors m this joint venture. Many of these people have or are currently teaching in local colleges and universities. The education plan will go beyond theory into practical application using real-world transportation problems and opportunities. Students will learn through a unique challenge of combining classroom theory with practical application of the learned theory on tl1e job at Bi-State. This developmental approach will provide participants with education and practical career building learning. This project is one of a series of HR initiatives to assist Bi-State in creating a Learning Organization and help become "the employer of choice" in the public sector in the St. Louis region.

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