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Master of Science

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Patrick Openlander

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James D. Evans

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Phyllis K. Wiig


This is a study of women who are ascribed the role of mother, but who would also like to pursue a satisfying career. These women experience multiple demands when trying to fulfill these multiple roles. The study focused on how women integrate motherhood and employment. The methodology employed in this study was qualitative. Information was solicited through the use of informal personal interviews conducted by the researcher. A single hour interview was conducted with each participant in the research project. The sample consisted of 10 full - time working mothers who volunteered to participate in the project.

The purpose of this study was of a practical nature. It is hoped that the analysis of the information may be helpful to women experiencing the dilemma of multiple roles, as well as educators, physicians, and counselors who will increasingly face these issues in the 1990s.

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