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Master of Business Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Joe Ancona

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Laura M. DeRigne


This thesis will investigate the design and implementation of a business plan for Ozark Builders , a housing development company.

One of the oldest professions in the United States, is the construction industry. This diverse industry that employs a large percent of the populace, plays an important role in our nation's economy. While, profits are to be made in the construction industry, the risks are overwhelming. The turnover rate for contractors exceeds twenty percent a year. Speculative building is considered a big gamble, and the builder 's need to stay attuned to changes in consumer preferences, in competition, and in the national economy, is ever present.

The purpose of this study is to focus on those elements that will make a successful business plan for Ozark Builders . A business plan may serve many purposes . Because it is a written expression of a business idea, a business plan forces Ozark Builders to take an objective look at its business idea and determine its feasibility . Should financing be desi red, the business plan provides the information needed by financial institution to evaluate the venture. One important element of the business plan is the market analysis. By identifying the market, a marketing strategy can be developed to target that area. Information about the product, pricing, advertising, and distribution are all elements incorporated into this plan.

Forecasting the future , through projections, aids Ozark Builders by identifying potential problems and opportunities before they occur, and then, decisions concerning the growth of Ozark Builders can be made. The appendix of this plan contains information that will be useful in a sales manual.

This business plan will be updated periodically, and the information it contains will be used as a management tool to chart future growth of Ozark Builders.

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