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Master of Arts

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Marilyn Patterson

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Betty LeMasters

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Charlene Engleking


OAT . incorporated provide transportation service throughout the state of Missouri. OATS initially began serving the rural population of older adults. OATS now provides transportation for non-emergency Medicaid patients. Head Start, and other organizations.

Demographics, mobility, gender differences, normal age related changes. cognitive and physical impairments and disabilities are discussed in relation with driving and mobility needs Transportation affects all aspects of the older adult's life.

The White House Conference on Aging and the OIder Americans Act were influential in legislation which began funding transportation services tor older adults. Federal. state and local governments. and private agencies are responsible for funding transportation services.

An in depth literature review and evaluation of OATS is compared with a few other transportation systems and used to determine the adequacy of service delivery to the rural, older adult population in Missouri.