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Master of Arts

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Marilyn Patterson

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Pam Nickels

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Anita Sankar


This study explored the differences in short term (two years or less) and long term (three or more years) Alcoholics Anonymous participation and gender differences on the potential for relapse . Previous studies on the relationship between AA participation and treatment outcome have had mixed results. There has been limited research into alcoholism and its impact on women . Sixty AA participants were selected, thirty who had two or less years with AA, and thirty who had three or more years with AA . There were fifteen females and males in both the newcomers and old- timers groups . These participants rated their level of confidence in resisting alcohol using the Situational Confidence Questionnaire (Annis and Graham, 1987) . The results revealed a number of significant differences in mean SCQ subscale scores based on differences in gender and status on confidence scores on five of the eight SCQ subscales .