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Master of Science - Administration



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Daniel W. Kemper

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Laura DeRigne

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Michael Kramer


The main focus of this research is to provide AmeriNet, Inc., a group purchasing organization of medical and healthcare supplies, with a statistical and realistic perspective regarding user training requirements and effectiveness of their latest software release, ValuSource 3.0.

This electronic catalog was developed for AmeriNet members to provide contract pricing information. The software release took over a year to design and implemented most of the functionality required/requested by AmeriNet shareholders and members.

The purpose of the software is to give members access to up-to-date contract information such as pricing, contract terms, commitment levels, etc. ValuSource 3.0 is capable of providing the user with a large volume of information in many different formats, including the capability to export data to other software packages. Because of its functionality, however, the software could be perceived as somewhat confusing to use or not exactly user-friendly.

Based on this assumption, the main purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of ValuSource 3.0 to the average computer user. It is felt that users experiencing difficulty with the software would probably fail to utilize it to its fullest or not at aJl. The software was intended to replace current paper and microfiche catalog information. If users are unable to effectively utilize the electronic version, then they would not have access to vital contract and pricing data for purchasing needs. If members fail to purchase effectively from AmeriNet contracted vendors, then the business itself could fail. It is vitally important that members access and utilize AmeriNet contracts effectively.

There were 38 respondents, or about 35% of the initial sample that returned the ValuSource 3.0 Survey. The survey was mailed out to healthcare personnel from AmeriNet facilities currently utilizing the software.

After studying the mean responses of these users, it became statistically clear that the majority of AmeriNet members are capable of utilizing the software with ease. Additional training availability could be provided to those members having difficulty, but the need is not clearly visible.

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