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As with most things, they’re never fully appreciated until after they’re no longer available. Sitting alone on campus on a cold autumn evening, when asked to write a response about the importance of home, I found myself thinking for the first time in my life about why I enjoyed the remote lifestyle of my childhood to my social urban present. Even after discovering my conclusions, I found it impossible to explain to others my feelings regarding my disdain towards a loud, bright, transient society that they feel is as much of a part of them as my hometown is of me. In this small work, I attempt to help the reader see the immense beauty I find in a modest rural existence in mid-Missouri.

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Jacob Rinehart (2003-) is a senior undergraduate at Lindenwood University majoring in history with a minor in secondary education and social studies. Post graduation, he plans on becoming a high school history teacher in the state of Missouri near his hometown of St James. He also plans to help run his family's cattle farm located in the same area. Jacob is an active member of the Lindenwood campus through membership in Delta Tau Delta Iota Chi, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, and the Lindenwood History Club.

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November 16, 2023

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