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The purpose of this Art History research investigation was to create a costume from the 1940s by immersing myself in a time period when people often made their own clothing. This was done to better understand what it means to have a personal connection to the items I wear. Our experiences as consumers in the twenty-first century are vastly different than those belonging to the people that lived during the mid-twentieth century because almost all of our clothing is purchased from corporations and created by people that we will likely never meet. For this investigative study, I shopped for and used materials that would have been used during the 1940s and also employed sewing techniques that would have been popular during that time. To get a fuller sense of how it would have felt to be a dressmaker from this time period, I also did my best to abide by the regulations that were in place for clothing production during World War II. I chose the 1940s because it is one of the periods I studied while taking History of Costume at Lindenwood University, but it is also one of my favorite eras and I knew I would enjoy researching it. I have created a video documenting my process, final product, and reflections along the way.

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I attached a word document containing my references and materials used. Since my submission is a video, this is the only written material that will be attached.

This research investigation can be found on YouTube by accessing the following link:



July 16, 2022



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