The Confluence

Volume 2, Issue 1 (2022)

This issue of the Confluence provides just a glimpse into the real experience and real success Lindenwood students gain in their studies here. In this issue, our students address a wide range of disciplines and cutting edge topics. Articles on art history, costume design, creative writing, and research into psychology round out this edition. The Confluence staff recognizes the hard work that goes into creating each of these articles. We are proud to see the amazing work done by students from so many disciplines. They are a testament to the high caliber of Lindenwood students and the high quality of the learner centered education foundational to Lindenwood’s mission.




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Cover Art.

Yokai Home

Kyōshū: Also known as nostalgia. A familiar scent, a taste of sweetness, from a world we once knew and left behind. The peace of knowing it existed, the longing for it to return. The concept of Kyōshū is to bring forth and unlock the memories of one's past. The world consists of both the mainlands as well as the floating islands. It is heavily based on the concept of fantasy which contributes to the idea of the existence of magic. Known as the Hollow Lands - towering cliffs sit on bodies of clear waters. Engulfed in greenery, it is home to many animals and living spirits. The rich environment allows for plants to inhabit the cliffs themselves and cascade down along the waterfalls. The famous shrine located deep within the Hollow Lands is known as the Yokai Shrine. Belonging to one of the strongest ruling Yokai. The shrine was built generations prior however it still stands in one piece today. The remote location allows for the shrine to sit undisturbed, keeping the peace between the humans and Yokai. One of the homes located on the top of a Skyland. This home belongs to one of the greatest Yokai to exist. It is surrounded by the Cherry blossom trees along with having its own pond. A pathway can be seen in the distance that connects it to a Skyland walkway. It is also home to a black cat.

Artist: Zaneerah Yasir

BFA Art and Design – Emphasis: Digital Art Creating a bridge between art and the digital age. My portfolio consists of my progression in illustrating characters and environments . Inspired by photos, nature, and games, I create concepts that can be incorporated into fantastical worlds.