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Target Corporation was founded in Minnesota and is currently the eight-largest retailer in the US. Target Corp. stock is a part of the S&P500 index. Target’s primary business focus is on selling customers everyday essentials that are on the trendier side at a reasonable price (Form 10- k). Target Corp. has designed a system to provide customers with a unique shopping experience that is well integrated in stores and online via According to the firm’s 10-k report, “Our ability to deliver a preferred shopping experience to our guests is supported by our supply chain and technology, our devotion to innovation, our loyalty offerings and suite of fulfillment options, and our disciplined approach to managing our business and investing in future growth.” Target Corp. sells a wide array of items ranging from consumer staples such as food to general merchandise such as beauty and household items, apparel, electronics, toys, etc. The food section includes grocery, perishables, dairy, produce, etc. Some Target stores around the country also include an in-house Target café, Starbucks, and other service offerings such as Target Optical (Bloomberg, 2019).

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Fall 2019

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Dr. Guarango Banerjee