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Kurt Heinlein

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Program for Evangeline Drowning (February 26-27, March 5-6, 2021).

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This play is, in the playwright’s words, a piece of “Green Theatre”. At the risk of giving too much away prior to viewing the piece, it is a frank and honest exploration of the very real costs that come when we turn a blind eye to the choices we’ve made - and continue to make in regards to environmental practices.

This statement appears near the end of the Mr. Heinlein’s introduction to his play:

“It became overwhelmingly clear to me that these young people had experienced financial hardship, profound social difficulties, and were witnessing the imminent decay of family and vital cultural heritage. Many had been displaced, had their education trajectory sidetracked, and some played witness as friends and family lost lives…”

While these words were written about a group of young people who were struggling to find their way through a post-Katrina landscape, they took on an added resonance for our whole cast and crew as we worked to bring this production to fruition in a COVID landscape. Especially as we witnessed the same region of Southern Louisiana get hit by a record 5 named storms in 2020 while also fighting the ravages of COVID.



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