The papers of Lindenwood University's founders, George and Mary Easton Sibley.

Papers in this section are transcripts. Scans of the originals will be uploaded (whenever possible) at a future date. Transcripts were created by Lindenwood University undergraduate students and historian Kate Gregg.

While the folks that transcribed these papers had every intention of being accurate, oftentimes there ARE errors. If you intend on citing a particular letter, it is recommended that you look at the original first before quoting from them!


Certain language choices and themes found within uploaded files are indicative of other times and views. We realize that some material here could be harmful and/or triggering to encounter. The items are shared not without care, but out of a desire to engage with any potential value the material has as a historical item that helps us understand past contexts, assists us in the study of changes and progress over time, and a hope that by learning from our history we gain insight into attitudes that may still have impact today.

Our current values and work for standardizing diversity, equity, and inclusion at Lindenwood University can be found on the webpage of our Center for Diversity and Inclusion.


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Mexican Road Commission (1825-1827)

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