Archival items from the region surrounding Lindenwood University. Most items will be from St. Louis, St. Charles, Missouri, and Illinois.


Certain language choices and themes found within uploaded files are indicative of other times and views. We realize that some material here could be harmful and/or triggering to encounter. The items are shared not without care, but out of a desire to engage with any potential value the material has as a historical item that helps us understand past contexts, assists us in the study of changes and progress over time, and a hope that by learning from our history we gain insight into attitudes that may still have impact today.

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Submissions from 2007

Boom: St. Charles County, 1945-1964, Lindenwood University

Submissions from 1953


1953 Booklet from the Missouri State Highway Commission on How Tax Money is Spent, Missouri State Highway Commission

Submissions from 1945


1945 Missouri Constitution Promotional Brochure, Missouri Committee for the New Constitution

Submissions from 1926


The League Court, James A. Reed

Submissions from 1923


Prohibition and Its Consequences to American Liberty, M.J. Edward Hartmann

Submissions from 1916


Progressive St. Charles, City of Saint Charles, Missouri

Submissions from 1907


c1907 Promotional Booklet for the City of St. Charles, Missouri, City of St. Charles, Missouri

Submissions from 1880


Official Proceedings of the Missouri Immigration Convention, St. Louis Immigration Society

Submissions from 1871


Catalogue and Circular of Strother Female Institute, Session 1871-1872. St. Charles, MO, Strother Female Institute

Submissions from 1868


Speech of Hon. Charles D. Drake, of Missouri, Delivered in the Senate of the United States, February 6, 1868, Charles D. Drake

Submissions from 1860


Excerpts from the Diary of John Jay Johns: 1860-1899, John Jay Johns