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Many factors contribute to academic success. Previous research has produced inconclusive results when identifying which factors play the largest role in predicting academic success. This study focusses on the relationships between academic success, motivation, and academic habits. I hypothesized that college students who report being highly motivated will have greater academic success than those who report being less motivated. I also hypothesized that there would be a strong positive relationship between college students engaging in good academic habits and high academic success. My two other hypotheses included that motivation score would be positively correlated with academic habit scores and that intrinsic motivation would have a stronger relationship with academic success than extrinsic motivation. Method: Participants (N = 69) took an online survey that asked them about their basic demographics, GPA, study habits, and motivation. Results: Correlational analyses partially confirmed the hypotheses. The first hypothesis was not supported; however, I found a statistically significant positive relationship between academic habits and academic success. Conclusion: Since motivation and academic habits are not the only factors that may predict academic success, more research should be conducted in the future to identify the multitudes of predictors that collectively contribute to academic success.

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