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It is known that alcohol and open sexual behavior are related. Does alcohol intake make young adults more receptive to engage in sexual activity? This is an amazing topic that is rather controversial and there are many opinions and debates about this topic. My goal is to find out by conducting this experiment whether there is a relationship between alcohol intake and sexual behavior among young adults. I plan to find that the intake of alcohol by young adults does make you more receptive to sexual behavior, because alcohol alters your thinking and allows you to act more freely. This research will hopefully make people aware of what is happening in the real world. I want to give people a general awareness about this topic. Santelli, Robin, Brener, and Lowry (2002) shows that the relationship between alcohol and other drug use and first sexual intercourse is well established. Santelli et al. (2000) says substance use and sexual risktaking often occur in the same social venues. Coren (2003) shows specific patterns of substance use during adolescence can predict risky sexual behavior in young adulthood. Bonomo, Coffey, Wolfe, Lynskey, Bowes, and Patton (2001) shows physical injury and high-risk sexual behavior under the influence of alcohol are common in teenagers. These past findings that I mentioned all seem to support my hypothesis of the intake of alcohol by young adults does make you more receptive to sexual behavior.

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