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There is a fine line between wanting to succeed and being able to succeed. There are certain factors that one has imaged when the visions of success come along. These images include the wide range of having a good job, being able to provide for individual wants and needs, as well as continuing to have a social life. Being a student is reflected on these visions of success by how well one’s grade point average is maintained, along with his or her stress level of working and going to school, and even being able to sleep and still find time to use social media. We hypothesize that there is a negative relationship between the number of hours students work and their GPA. In order to test our hypothesis and understand more of how certain extraneous factors are combined with how individuals use their time, manage working and going to school, we conducted a study by using an online survey among current college students. We hoped that the results from our study could potentially help led us to understand how being a student and employee can have risk factors but can also have benefits. On the contrary, our results did not show a significant relationship between the number of hours worked and GPA. Even though we did not find a significant relationship between the number of hours worked and GPA, future research can repeat and improve our study in order to find out if there is a significant relationship between these two variables.

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