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The effect of cologne/perfume on attractiveness was examined, as well as the differences between the effect of cologne/perfume and sex. Twenty-seven participants ranging from 18-22 years of age were recruited for the experiment. The purpose of this study was to determine if putting cologne/perfume on an individual will make that person more attractive to the opposite sex than if he/she did not put on cologne/perfume. The rationale behind this is that there are a lot of advertisements about cologne and perfume that portray the people in the advertisements as more desirable after he/she sprays cologne on their skin. The hypothesis for this experiment is that the presence of cologne/perfume will increase an individual’s attractiveness. There was a significant difference between no fragrance and fragrance and the effect it had on attractiveness, as well as the perfume having a higher influence on men than the cologne had on women. Together, these findings suggest that cologne and perfume have an influence on the attractiveness of the person who has the fragrance on. It

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