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Journal for the House of Bethany (1866-1869)


Transcript for the Journal for the House of Bethany (1866-1869).

The House of Bethany/Sisters of Bethany describe themselves this way:


a protestant sisterhood, not denominational, but strictly evangelical, whose work is visiting the families of our soldiers and all others who are sick or in distress and need the sympathy, care and kind offices of Christian women. They are to commend Christianity by Christian acts, by caring for, and ministering to the sick in their own homes; aiding, advising and counseling the poor; finding homes for those who have no homes; and directing such as should be cared for by special charities to those charities: the orphan to the Orphan’s home, and those of their own sex who have fallen or are in danger of falling, to the asylums prepared for them: in every way commend the gospel to all whom they may meet, and bring them under Christian influences, so far as possible; doing all in their power to benefit their souls, minds and bodies.

In order to work efficiently, none but women of good sound health shall be admitted; women capable of enduring the fatigue incident upon a life of self-denial and labor. They shall be women of fair education and sound judgment, actuated by the sole desire of doing good."

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