Step-by-step technical workflows for recreating elements of the story map presentations within the Geospatial OER section, as well as videos that demo how to best navigate the story map presentations on a VR headset.


Submissions from 2023


GEOZOO Whitepaper, Tara Vansell


Using Story Maps to Deliver VR Experiences -PowerPoint, Tara Vansell

Using Story Maps tp Deliver VR Experiences -Presentation, Tara Vansell

Submissions from 2022

GEOZOO Oculus Video Tutorial, Michael Dawson and Tara Vansell


How to Create VR Popups on Map Points in Experience Builder, Keegan Favors

Video Walk Through of Navigating Kuula Within A Story Map, Keegan Favors


Embed Coding for 360° Images, Tara Vansell