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Journal of Contemporary Language Research


In the face of the rapid erosion of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage globally, the urgency for effective, wide-ranging preservation methods has never been greater. Traditional approaches in cultural preservation often focus narrowly on specific niches, overlooking the broader cultural tapestry, particularly the preservation of everyday cultural elements. This article addresses this critical gap by advocating for a comprehensive, scalable model for cultural preservation that leverages machine learning and big data analytics. This model aims to document and archive a diverse range of cultural artifacts, encompassing both extraordinary and mundane aspects of heritage. A central issue highlighted in the article is the dominance of English, especially in popular culture, and its role in reshaping cognitive patterns, leading to the loss of traditional languages and cultures. This trend, favoring orality over literacy, amplifies the need for the preservation actions proposed. The article underscores the importance of establishing a more meaningful and comprehensive lingua franca as the first step in this endeavor. This approach is not just about safeguarding languages but also about preserving the nuanced ways in which different linguistic paradigms shape our understanding of the world. The paper explores how language evolution, translation nuances, and the unique perspectives inherent in various linguistic paradigms contribute to a rich cultural diversity. It also examines the impact of technology and social media on traditional cultural norms and the critical need for deliberate efforts to reinforce endangered languages and practices. The proposed model aims to bridge the gap between past and present cultural expressions, using technology to reinforce mother-tongue contexts and enhance the appreciation of diverse human identities and worldviews. Through this, the article presents a compelling case for a more inclusive and holistic approach to preserving the global tapestry of cultural heritage.


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