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Interdisciplinary Digital Engagement in Arts & Humanities (IDEAH)


In 2021, faculty at Lindenwood University and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) led the formation of a Saint Louis Digital Humanities (STL DH) Network of faculty and scholars at area universities, schools, and cultural institutions.1 The Lindenwood and SIUE campuses bookend the St. Louis metro area, a region whose strong geospatial presence offers fruitful opportunities for digital humanities (DH) education but which also suffers from long, deeply ingrained economic and racial segregation. While other regional DH networks exist, the STL DH Network is unique in taking undergraduate education and secondary education— and particularly equitable access to education—as its chief focus. Most DH networks are led by scholars at research universities and exist primarily to support the work of faculty and graduate students, and only secondarily (if at all) to support the learning of undergraduates or high school students. In contrast, the STL DH Network’s earliest members were faculty at institutions with teaching-focused missions, and they are working to imagine and develop a DH network in service of those missions and of the St. Louis community at large.


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