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Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice


Although Emsi and other market researchers have found that employers desire durable skills (formerly known as “soft skills”) in new hires, there have been few studies dedicated to identifying how faculty perceptions of skill development differ in degree and by area, and how that might impact how such skills are embedded in classroom instruction. This study proposes to investigate the perceptions of faculty from different academic backgrounds and how their disciplines and experiences may contribute to their perceived role in curricular, cocurricular or extracurricular offerings that support durable skill development. Results from the study demonstrate the differing perspectives and expectations of faculty with regards to developing durable skills. Faculty primarily pointed to experiences outside of the classroom to develop and reinforce these skills, including internships, volunteering, student life—athletics and student clubs. Educating faculty on their role in developing skills, as students see those primarily in the classroom, will support career readiness in general.


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